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Nimrod Rifles
6560 B Commerce Way
Diamond Springs, California 95619
(530) 622-2508

Basic custom rifle
Bolt action - Right hand only
Match grade stainless steel barrel: Calibers - .223, .22.250, .243, 6mm Rem., 7mm-.08, Contours #5 or #7
McMillan Winchester Marksman fibergalss stock
Price : $1195.00
Built with cutomer supplied action : $765.00

Premium match grade custom rifle
Short or long action
Select match grade stainless steel barrel : any caliber
Customer's choice of custom stock
Jewell trigger with safety
Fluted barrel
Muzzle break
Starts at $1495.00
With customer supplied action starts at $1195.00

Nimrod Hunter
This rifle starts with a Remington 700 barrel action. The barrel is pulled and set back to minimum headspace. The crown is recut and in some cases recontoured. The action is blueprinted and the trigger is turned and set to customer specificatoons. All metal work is finished in a matte blkue nickel or teflon and then fitted to a brown precision stock.
Price : $979.00 and up

Floating feather
This rifle starts with a Remington 700 barrel action and is contoured to featherwitght specifications. Then blueprinted and trigger tuned to customer specifications. The action is then fitted with a premium match grade barrel in the caliber of your choice. All metal is then set in a featherweight kevlar stock. Customer has a choice of both metal and stock finishes. The average weight of the floating feather rifle is 5 pounds.
Price : $1629.00

State of the art for the discriminating shooter. Composite sotck, 26" fluted stainless steel barrel, tuned action, adjustable length of pull and cheek piece makes custom fitting as simple as turning a dial.
Price : $

Pro-Varminter Wildcat
Available with all the features above with added removable stainless muzzle break.
Price : $

Optimum centerfire rifle for long range varming hunting. A 243 Winchester case necked down, case taper blown out to increase powder capacity for enhanced velocity.
Price: $

Heavy Bench Varmint
Designed and built what we feel is the most accurate varmint rifle for the shooter who requires the finest components. Hall B action, match grade 1.200 stainless fluted barrel, dogtown brake, jewell benchrest trigger, McMillan benchrest stock, pillar bedding.
Price : $

Bench Varminter
Simply we constructed a bench style varming rifle substituting our famous field varmint stock with 3.25 in, wide semi beavertail forearm in lieu the flat bottom target stock. Synthetic field varmint stock pillar bedded. Stolle panda action with fluted bolt, jewell trigger, and match grade 26 in. light varmint taper barrel.
Price : $

Holland Ultra Varmint
Superb accuracy made possible by a vee block design. The action and supermatch grade barrel are free floating.
Price : $

World class competition benchrest rifle, available in 22PPC or 6PPC, built to exacting standards using the worlds finest components. Six benchrest stock, Stolle action with fluted bolt, custom chamber dimension, Hart stainless match LVT barrel, Jewell 2oz. trigger and custom candy paint.
Price : $

Why hike to your stand with a heavy rifle when our 5 pound Coyote will deliver all the performance you'd expect at half the weight. Built to the same specifications as the Feather.
Price : $

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